This Kitty Turns Her “Cone Of Shame” Into Something Unique!

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Mine, the three-year-old cat, has been given a temporary sentence by her veterinarian to wearing the “cone of shame.” Although the reason is unclear, it is obvious that wearing this is the opposite of fun. While she can’t do normal cat things for now, like give herself a tongue bath, or maybe even sleep comfortably, Mine has not let this stinky cone stop her from doing other things.

She has made the best of the situation and has come up with a clever way to get a drink of water. She’s sitting on the side of the sink with the faucet running and lets the water hit the inside bottom of her cone. She realizes that the water puddles up inside, which makes it really easy and convenient for her to drink from it. This smart kitty has turned her unfortunate situation into a positive one!

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