Little Girl Reunited With Missing Pet After Three Years Apart

One little girl had the surprise of her life after she was reunited with her beloved pet after his disappearance more than three years ago. The heartwarming happy ending was caught on camera BC SPCA Nanaimo branch and shows the small child clutching the animal she thought she would never see again.

Five-year-old Claudia is seen gasping in shock when her missing cat, Cursor is placed in her arms. As the two embrace, you can’t help but tear up!

This incredible reunion was all thanks to Claudia’s mother, Kara, who refused to give up on Cursor.

Photo credit: Global News

Photo credit: Global News

“I’ve been posting on the Nanaimo Lost and Found Pets page and all sorts of things for the past three years because Claudia’s been really sad since he’s gone,” Kara told Global News. “… they posted a picture of Cursor on the SPCA page on August 16… I was pretty sure it was him at first but the picture wasn’t entirely clear.”

But, after checking it out, Kara knew she wanted to surprise her daughter.

Photo credit: Global News

Photo credit: Global News

“I spoke with Lorraine from the SPCA on Facebook and we got in after hours on Sunday so we could surprise Claudia,” she said.

As you can see in the video, the surprise was perfect. Kara says the family is happy to have Cursor back and is grateful for all of the attention.

“Thank you to everyone that shared my posts over these three years and kept their eyes open for them… and the SPCA for recognizing my cat and how accommodating they were to help us out and bring our cat home.”

Watch their reunion in the video below:

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