Kitty Gets The Fright Of Her Life When She Bumps Into THIS Veggie! It’s Pretty Hilarious LOL.

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Living as a pet in a mostly human world can be harder than you might think. Things we humans take for granted can seem quite strange, fascinating, or even frightening to your favorite pet. Like vegetables for example, we see them as a source of nutrition, but to some pets, like this hilarious feline, they can be downright terrifying!!

You won’t believe what happens when this cat catches a cucumber laying on the ground behind her! Clearly, this kitty is not a fan of this veggie! Someone should tell her owner to avoid making any cucumber salads for a while… Looks like this cat needs a serious break from that green, crunchy vegetable. Has your pet ever been scared by a common food group or object you have around the house?? Comment and let us know your story!

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