They Heard Cries Coming From A Vent For 2 Days, So They Cut A Hole In The Metal To See What It Was

Tiny newborn kittens were trapped in an exhaust duct in India. Nearby restaurant owners heard the kittens crying for two days straight, but assumed their mother was nearby. When the mom never came for them, they alerted Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization. Rescuers immediately came to the scene to get them out.

It’s unknown how the kittens got in the vent, or if the mother was even still alive, but what mattered most was that the kittens were safe. To get them out, rescuers had to cut a hole in the metal. They were covered in dirt, and two of the kittens were severely hypothermic and in critical condition.

They brought the kittens back to their sanctuary, and treated them accordingly. They got fed, and got to explore their new home. The kittens were absolutely adorable and loved playing with each other. They will now grow big and strong and most importantly, are safe!

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