Rescuers Use A Shop-Vac To Retrieve Tiny Kittens From A Pipe

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It was a one-of-a-kind rescue after two kittens were discovered to be trapped in an underground pipe. After people walking down the street heard faint cries of distress, authorities were called in to investigate where they might be coming from.

Firefighters discovered the two tiny kittens several feet under the ground. Rescue crews were able to get one of the kittens out using a snare pole, which consists of a flashlight connected to a pole. However, the second kitten was much farther down and couldn’t be as easily rescued.

One animal control officer knew a clever way to get the animal out. He claimed he could use a Shop-Vac to get the kitten safely out. The daring rescue was all caught on camera and the footage shows the second kitten being rescued and brought to safety. Check it out on the video below.

Both kittens were at the brink of death and suffering from severe hypothermia. But, thanks to these rescuers, they made a quick recovery and will soon be available for adoption.

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