Firefighters Heard Noises Coming From Their Firetruck’s Engine, Then Made A Cute Discovery

Indianapolis firefighters kept hearing noises coming from one of their firetrucks. At first they thought it was a bird’s chirping, but they decided to get a closer look to figure out what it was. That’s when they made an adorable discovery.

It turns out that the noises were coming from three newborn kittens who were in the engine’s hose bed. They were filthy and starving and wouldn’t have survived on their own much longer.

It’s believed that the mother cat climbed into the engine to give birth while the engine was in the shop. They searched everywhere for the mom, but to no avail.

The firemen then brought the kitties to Noah’s Animal Hospital to be examined. The kittens were so young that they hadn’t even opened their eyes yet. They were wrapped up in blankets to keep them warm.

All three of the kittens, who still don’t have names, are doing great. Since they’re so young, it’s necessary that they’re hand-fed and watched closely at all hours.

In eight weeks, once they are big and strong enough, they’ll be available for adoption.

A huge thank you to these firefighters for saving these poor little kittens. Thankfully, they’ll get their happy endings!

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