These Tiny, Adorable Kittens Discovered Toilet Paper…And You Can Guess What Happened Next!

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Kittens + toilet paper = a big mess! These two adorable kittens, Lewis and Fergus, have just discovered toilet paper for the first time, and have found the joy in rolling and unrolling it. They turned it into a game and had an epic wrestling match! Although they made a MESS, it’d be hard to yell at these cute little faces!

There’s already toilet paper unraveled all over the floor, but it’s clearly not enough for this cute little kitties. They unravel even more, and adorably roll around in it. One decides to take a break and lies down on the toilet paper as if it were blankets, and then the other one jumps out of nowhere onto him because he just wants to play! This is one big mess and a huge waste of toilet paper, but getting to watch these two little cuties battle it out makes it all worth it!!

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