This Adorable Kitten Isn’t Going Anywhere Until She Gets A Kiss From Her Owner.

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Every now and then, we all need a little extra love. And animals are no different! Clearly, this precious, little cat has been having a tough time and she needs some extra love from her favorite human! So the adorable kitten does what she does best: Looks extra adorable to get her owner to pucker up!

First, she breaks out those adorable cat eyes! (Puss N’ Boots from Shrek anyone??) And then she sets out her helpless little paw, as if she’s saying, “Please human, please, take my hand!” Lastly, the loving, little feline goes in for the smooch, but first a practice peck on the arm. Once that’s taken care of, the cute kitty is ready for the real thing! It’s so cute I can hardly take it!!

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