Kitten Amusingly Shows Talent for Walking on a Tightrope While Carrying Its Motivation

Cats and kittens continue to amaze and win people’s hearts from around the world. They have the talent for a lot of things, and sometimes they’d shock you with what they can do. Felines are incredibly good charmers — even with an uninterested face, they remain endearing. Their intelligence is also on another level; that’s why they know how to outsmart humans. You can never run out of reasons to love cats. They also have this healing effect, specifically through their purr vibrations. Who knows what other things cats can do that humans haven’t discovered yet?

Besides the qualities mentioned above, felines are known for their excellent skill in jumping from high to low surfaces. Their bodies are meant to survive in high places, making them great in parkour. You’d see them climb walls and never miss a jump — they can accurately measure distance and calculate where they land. Jumping from high places isn’t the only talent that fascinates humans; a kitten can even cross a tightrope! The small cat successfully walked without missing a step — it crossed without mishaps.

Photo: Reddit/Alex_story13

Alex_story13 posted the video on Reddit, which accumulated 24.4k upvotes and hundreds of comments. The kitten confidently walked as if something was on the line if it fell to the ground. Apparently, the precious furball had a motivation that it carried all throughout the video. The small feline protected the snack in its mouth — food was its priority! It was only fitting that Alex_story13 wrote the caption, “I’m willing to go any way for food.” The course was indeed a piece of cake for the kitten.

There was also a pole in the middle of the tightrope, but the cat was still able to pass through. It skipped the other half of the rope and immediately jumped on the platform. The snack might have been the kitten’s all-time favorite snack because you can see how it tightly bit on the treat. No one can deny that the performance score was 100 over 100. Several Redditors have expressed their amusement for the kitten and have filled the comment section with praises.

MelonJelly commented, “It’s barely adolescent, and can still balance, climb, and leap like that. Cats are awesome.” Someone also pointed out how the kitten used the snack as a pole to balance its walk. “Using the hot dog like a trapeze artist with a pole to balance themselves,” jbertrand_sr wrote. It looks like a circus act, and the kitten aced it without proper training. Many people cheered on — teo1315 shared that he fist-pumped when the cat succeeded. You could cheer it on in the comment section, too. Share the video with your friends and family to start a fun conversation or to simply make someone happy today.

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