Sweet Puppy Gently Tries to Interact with Its Cat Sibling’s Small Kittens

Having different animals as pets can make you realize that each has an individual personality. Regardless of their species, your pet can be sweet, shy, playful, or a combination of those traits. You’ll even see how these animals break misconceptions and the stereotypical way the world views them. For instance, having a cat and dog makes other people assume that your household is chaotic. It’s because of how people believe cats and dogs are species that don’t get along with each other.

Photo: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

The assumption can be valid but also depends on your pets’ personalities. Sometimes the cat could be the annoying one, while the dog could be the timid pet. In some cases, their personalities click, making them inseparable and partners in crime. There are a lot of possibilities, and it’s proof that animals shouldn’t be caged in one image. You can also see how they react to each other, especially with their babies. How would a puppy interact with smaller versions of its cat sibling?

Photo: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

Some people would think that the puppy would jump with curiosity or try to bite the kitten, but for this pooch from Reddit, he behaved wonderfully well. In the Reddit video uploaded by Thund3rbolt, a puppy was peeking at the kittens lying in bed with their mother. It was happily wagging its tail and obviously excited at the sight of baby kittens. Although the excitement was apparent, the puppy made sure that it was at a safe distance. It did not attempt to jump on the bed and startle the kindle.

The mother cat did not make any defensive moves, which showed that she trusted the puppy. After a few seconds, their human helped the puppy climb onto the bed, then it started observing the mother and babies by smelling them. There was no violence or negative reaction from either side — it was definitely a warm sight. The puppy even kissed the mother cat as it congratulated her for being a good mom. Amidst the sweet moment, the feline got slightly defensive because the puppy kept giving kisses, which she might have found annoying.

Photo: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

With such heart-melting content, the Reddit post gained 116k upvotes and 1.3k comments. Redditors couldn’t help but adore the wonderful relationship between the puppy and the cat — including the adorable new family members. The comment section was filled with various interpretations of the situation and praised the pup for being a good dog. People also pointed out that the cat finds the puppy trustworthy because of her body language.

“Yep, she rolled over on her back to show her belly. With her babies right there. That means ‘hello, friend’ in cat basically,” nyc_flatstyle explained. Reddit user randyboozer also shared how great dogs are with sensing the fragility of babies. He explained how his dog is so rowdy and playful with him, but with an infant, it suddenly turns into the gentlest creature. That’s why babies and dogs are some of the most adorable creatures to watch videos of. They can truly warm your heart and make you smile from ear to ear. You might want to share this with your loved ones, too.

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