Stray Kitten Sneaks Into A Pizza Shop Looking For A New Home

They say that you don’t choose your cat, your cat chooses you. And that is certainly the case for one little tabby kitten in Australia. The plucky feline snuck into a pizza shop where she promptly adopted a new life for herself.

The tiny stray used her charm to capture the heart of the chef, Dave. Affectionately known as Grumpy Chef Dave, this man didn’t start his day off anticipating a surprise cat adoption. However, he was convinced by the feline to take her home.

The little kitty slinked her way through the pizza shop to the back of the kitchen where she found her new owner. She immediately began asking for attention and eventually he had to give in. She was just too cute to resist.

Once it became clear that she wasn’t going to leave, it was obvious what he had to do. As he shared with Love Meow, it was all over the moment that he lifted her onto his shoulder. And the feeling was mutual for the sweet kitten.

At first, he was worried that the kitty belonged to someone. He asked around the neighborhood but it soon became apparent that she was solo and hadn’t come from someone. In fact, no one knew where the kitten had come from.

Dave tried to find the cat a home but she was not interested in having any other home except for Dave’s. She made her point by curling up on his lap and falling asleep. After that delightful moment together, Dave accepted the fact that he now had a cat. There was no way that she was going to be happy about leaving.

Her new owner ended up taking her to the vet and getting her a round of vaccinations and a microchip – there was no going back. This grumpy chef had no regrets taking in his new kitty. She quickly became his best friend and he gave her the name “Ratbag the Vandal.”

The story of how the two came together immediately resonated with people on the internet. The comments came flooding in as people expressed how they felt. One person thanked Dave for being Ratbag’s angel, while another stated that Dave now belongs to the cat. As a cat owner, that is quite true – they do own you. There were plenty of other comments of people telling Dave that his cat chose him for a reason and they’re so happy that he took her in.

Have you ever been “chosen” by a cat? Let us know!

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