Kitten Can’t Help But Fall Asleep While Sitting Up

Have you ever been so tired that you could sleep standing up? As it turns out, this is something that doesn’t only happen to humans, it can happen to a tiny kitten as well. If you fall asleep standing up, it is likely to be funny, but if it happens with a kitten, it’s adorable!

A YouTube video is showing just such an occurrence when a little kitten is trying his best to stay awake. The problem is, he loses the battle and ends up falling asleep while sitting up.

The little kitten is leaning his head from side to side and he just can’t keep his eyes open. He looks at the camera a few times but to no avail. A little child is laughing, obviously loving what was happening in front of him.

This is absolutely too cute for words but it is something that happens with these little animals. Like humans, baby animals need plenty of sleep, but everything is so new to them, they want to stay awake to see it.

You really need to see this video to appreciate just how adorable it is.

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