When A Kitten Sees A Cardboard Box For The First Time It’s Total Kitty Bliss!

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We all know that cats love to play in cardboard boxes; it’s only a matter of time. Well, this kitten, named Wampa, encounters a cardboard box for the first time and completely falls in love with it. Her owners received a package in the mail, and decided to give her the box to play with. She looks like she’s in heaven, having the time of her life!

She sees the box across the room and meows before running over to it. She jumps in it right away without any hesitation. “What is this magical object?!” Watch her as she energetically plays with it, going inside, jumping on top of it, and sticking her adorable head out of the hole on the side of it. She manages to have a blast! The family dog comes over to check out what all the fun is about. I’m not quite sure he figured it out!

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