This Man Spotted A Tiny Kitten Wriggling On A Trash Conveyor Belt And Saved Her Life Moments Before The Unthinkable!

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A kitten was sadly thrown into the garbage and ended up at a waste management center in Galt, California. Tony Miranda, a loading operator who works at the recycling center, noticed something wriggling on the conveyor belt. The kitten was amongst so much debris and bags, but he managed to grab her right before she fell into the industrial compactor.

Somehow, this kitten managed to survive a ride on a garbage truck before a tractor pushed her onto the first of two conveyor belts, with a several foot fall in between each. Heather Garcia, shift lead, fell in love with the kitten and didn’t hesitate to adopt her. She named her Murphy and took her home to give her the care and love that she deserves. Just look at that adorable face! Thank goodness this man saved her life!

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