Kitten Found Under The Hood Of A Car After A 91 Mile Ride

We sometimes worry if we hear a strange noise coming from under the hood of our car. Typically, it is some type of a knocking noise or perhaps a noise we can’t identify that causes us stress. For an Illinois resident, Jennifer Donini, it was a “meow” from under the hood that caught her attention.

As it turns out, Donini found that there was a hitchhiker that was riding under the hood of her car. She was on a 91-mile trip home to Highland when the unexpected guest came on board. It started when she had been driving for about an hour and 1/2. According to local station KSDK, she started hearing a meowing sound coming from the hood of her car.

She pulled over to see what the noise was and realized there was a kitten hiding in the engine compartment when she lifted the hood.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Donini recalled to the news station. “I didn’t know what in the world to do. I was by myself on speakerphone with my mom trying to find where this kitten was.”

She was more than surprised that the cat was able to survive. After all, everything under the hood of the car was so hot! She didn’t even know how the kitten managed to climb on board in the first place.

After Donini got home from her short trip to Carbondale, her family attempted to find the kitten under the hood for over an hour.

After locating the tiny kitten, they freed him from the hot car and named him Duck. They estimate the gray and white kitten to be approximately seven weeks old and they say he is in good health.

Donini was not able to keep the kitten, but she did help to find the furry animal a home by using social media.

As it turns out, her sister’s coworker was trying to adopt a kitten and Duck showed up at just the right time.

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