A Poor Kitten Was Found with a Rubber Band Around Its Leg

Whether neglect or on purpose, animal cruelty should not be tolerated. Various laws protect animals, and humans should be aware that cruelty is punishable once proven. More importantly, with or without protection laws, people must understand that animal lives should be taken seriously. Respect for all living things must be learned and applied in real life.

Many victims of animal cruelty are baby animals, as they are still defenseless. A black kitten who was a victim of animal cruelty was found and rescued in the story below.

Photo: Youtube/WTAE-TV Pittsburgh

The poor kitten had a rubber band wrapped around his leg — twice. A Brackenridge police officer found the kitten and passed it to an animal shelter. Frankie’s Friends Cat Rescue immediately took action and removed a tightly wrapped rubber band on the kitten. They named him Vic, and the kitten had poor blood circulation and infections when they received him. Thankfully, Dr. Becky Morrow was available even though she was in the middle of an operation when Vic arrived. According to the vet, the rubber band seemed wrapped multiple times on purpose.

Photo: Youtube/WTAE-TV Pittsburgh

“It’s just really sad, because the amount of pain and suffering this poor kitty went through. And we know, based on the tissue and loss of viability, it has been on there for at least a week,” Dr. Morrow said. After cleaning the wound, the kitten received antibiotics and pain medications. However, Vic isn’t done with treatments, as he might need multiple surgeries. The wound on his leg has inflicted severe damage to his tissues — amputation might be the next solution.

Brackenridge police are now investigating the case. They have raised the concern to the public — to acquire more information about the person behind the horrible animal cruelty. Frankie’s Friends Cat Rescue also did fundraising for Vic because the required surgery would cost a lot of money. Currently, the funds have reached $10,000. The donation will be a huge factor in saving an innocent black kitten in hopes of a better future.

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