Dalmatian Wants Nothing To Do With His New Kitten Sibling

A little kitten with plenty of energy has also shown that she isn’t afraid of anything she comes up against. This can easily be seen when she is interacting with her big brother, a Dalmatian.

Louie is a full-grown Dalmatian and one of the biggest dogs in the area. On the other hand, Cleo is only a kitten so she is eclipsed by his giant size. They have been together since their human mother adopted Cleo when she was only two weeks old. It wasn’t long before they formed the strongest of bonds.

Although brothers and sisters may have a bond from a young age, there is always going to be some sibling rivalry involved. That is also the case with Cleo and Louie. It seems as if Cleo is always trying to get the upper hand on her bigger brother.

The last time it took place, Cleo’s owner was there with a camera. The episode was uploaded to YouTube and it may be small, like Chloe, but the video speaks volumes.

Although Louie is as cool as a cucumber, Cleo begins to terrorize him and at one point, is even hanging off of his muzzle.

Finally, Louie shakes the kitten loose and then looks at her with the look only a big brother could give.

It seems as if things like this happen in the household almost every day. Fortunately, Cleo has a big brother with a lot of patience. He needs it.

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