Rescue Kitten Becomes Police Officer

Officer Mercy Meow serves a very important role in the Hillsborough Police Department: making people smile.

Her loyalty and persistence landed her this sweet gig, and she’s proven herself as a valuable squad member.

Just by looking at her, you can tell she’s very serious about meeting her daily snuggle quota.

Photo: Facebook/Hillsborough Police Department

Mercy is a long-haired grey cat that someone tried to sell online as bait for dog fighting. Fortunately, she avoided that terrifying fate, thanks to Lt. Andy Simmons.

He was contacted by his wife’s coworker about the kitten and ended up bringing her home.

Photo: Facebook/Hillsborough Police Department

And it became immediately obvious that it would be her forever home.

Mercy followed Simmons all over the house, and seemed pretty insistent that she also needed to follow him into the car, and into work.

Clearly he needed a kitty partner, and she was the perfect candidate!

Photo: Facebook/Hillsborough Police Department

So Simmons gave it a shot, and brought his little shadow with him to work one day. He had hopes of making her the official “police cat” — much like a police dog, only with a cushier job.

Photo: Instagram/officermercymeow

“At first officers were hesitant because a police cat is a strange concept,” Simmons told Love Meow. “As days and weeks went on she began to bond with them (usually climbing on their shoulders as they sat). It became the new norm.”

Obviously, little miss Mercy won over her dad’s coworkers, too. Look at that face! Look at the quality of those snuggles!

Photo: Instagram/officermercymeow

She was given the title Officer Mercy Meow, and quickly made herself comfortable in the police station. While she still follows her dad everywhere, she also takes time to purr happily in laps and on top of papers, inspect uniforms for softness and nap-ability, and bestow loads of affection onto everyone she can.

Photo: Facebook/Hillsborough Police Department

She’s also officially part of the welcome committee to new officers, like Sergeant Jon Purvis.

She really liked his last name, and knew they’d be fast friends.

Photo: Facebook/Hillsborough Police Department

The beloved feline officer has her own jungle gym and roaming rights for the whole building.

Photo: Instagram/officermercymeow

She’s laidback, curious, affectionate, and, above all, loyal.

At the end of the work day, she and her dad head back home, where she recovers from her hard day at work.

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