Adopted Kitten Tries To Look ‘Intimidating’ When She Meets Her New Dog Siblings

Kittens are tiny creatures but if you have ever had one in your life, you realize that they have a huge personality. Nimbus is a perfect example.

Nimbus was barely opening her eyes as a tiny kitten when she met Sam Gerth. The white kitten was found by his girlfriend, covered in oil and dirt from the road while she was coming home from work.

Photo: Sam Gerth / The Dodo

“We gave her a bath in the sink to try to clean her up a little bit, and then we turned on our space heater and let her rest in front of it because she was shivering and cold,” Gerth told The Dodo. “She ended up falling asleep in my hand for about 45 minutes in front of the heater.”

They already had two other cats and two dogs in their family and they weren’t sure if they were going to keep Nimbus or not. They decided to allow Nimbus to stay but to be separated from the other animals while she gained strength. They needed time to think about whether to keep the kitten or not.

Photo: Sam Gerth / The Dodo

Before long, it was clear that Nimbus was working her way into her heart. “She very quickly stole our hearts, so that made that decision pretty easy,” Gerth said. “After a day or two, we decided it was time to introduce her to the family.”

When she met their dogs for the first time, she fluffed out her fur as much as possible so she at least looked intimidating.

Photo: Sam Gerth / The Dodo

It wasn’t long before the energetic dogs were eating out of her hand.

“She definitely is a brave little kitty!” Gerth said. “She stood her ground to every dog and animal she met!”

Photo: Sam Gerth / The Dodo

Zep was the dog that Nimbus trusted from the very beginning. He is a gentle giant that has no strangers in his life and he loved the little kitten.

Photo: Sam Gerth / The Dodo

It took a while before the cats accepted her but within a few days, they were good friends. “They now get along great and play all the time,” Gerth said.

Nimbus is now living in her forever home and is growing to be a beautiful cat.

Photo: Sam Gerth / The Dodo

Dad is still wondering if her size will ever reach the height of her personality: “She is a quirky little goofball and has a personality 10 times her size!”

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