Couple Has Kitten Hour Instead Of Cocktail Hour At Wedding

Who needs cocktails when you can have kittens!

One couple ditched the cocktails at their wedding for adorable kittens. Guests were able to cuddle fluffy kittens while they waited for the bride and groom to take family photos. No one was in a rush for the reception to start, because the kittens were so entertaining.

Iz and Colleen Kimseylove, newlywed couple from Washington state, are huge cat lovers and parents to two senior special needs cats. When planning their wedding they knew that they wanted to incorporate their love for cats. Sadly, their own cats could not attend because of their special needs.

The couple decided to contact a local shelter in Seattle to see if they could provide some social kittens for Kitten Hour at their wedding. With a tight budget, the cocktail hour was eliminated, but the couple wanted to do something special for their guests.

“We love our cats very much, and wanted to bring a little of their spirit to the celebration,” Colleen told Buzz Feed News.

Seattle Animal Shelter provided six friendly and social kittens for the wedding. The kittens welfare and happiness was a top priority. The couple wanted to make sure the kittens were enjoying the cuddling and not overstimulated. Staff from the shelter accompanied the kittens and made sure they remained happy.

Photos: Instagram/Buzz Feed News Photographer: Kendall Lauren Shea

“The little dudes at our wedding were selected for being especially social, there were volunteers making sure they were handled safely and not overstimulated, and they left after about an hour,” stated the couple.

The couple made a donation to the shelter before the event and asked their guests to do the same as a wedding present. “When else are you going to be able to summon kittens for your pleasure, and make a donation to a great organization?” Colleen said. All of the kittens were available for adoption.

Kitten Hour was a success and the wedding was purrfect. “Guests loved the kittens, and lots of people told us that every wedding should have a mandatory kitten hour,” Colleen said.

Photos: Instagram/Buzz Feed News Photographer: Kendall Lauren Shea

All of the kittens from the wedding were adopted into loving homes.Even though the couple was tempted by the adorable faces and soft purrs of the kittens, they did not adopt one because their cats would not approve. They also advocate adopting adult cats because they are just as adorable and love to cuddle.

“I’d encourage anyone looking to adopt a cat to look at the grown-ups first for calmer, and just and adorable companionship,” they said.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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