This Kitten Just Can’t Decide What To Do When He Encounters A Baby Deer For The First Time

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When Miro, the cat, first encounters a baby deer he has absolutely no idea what to do. Should he kiss the fawn, or hit him? Miro chooses the latter, lol. Though, in his defense it does look like Miro is trying to get the fawn to play with him, unfortunately the fawn would rather just lay there.

Despite the fawns attempts at just ignoring Miro, Miro does not give up. He continues his efforts by dancing around the fawn, playfully hitting him, and trying to entice him to play. He even goes as far as snubbing the fawn, but that doesn’t last long. And despite his best efforts, Miro just can’t seem to get the fawn to join him in his games.

Oh well, at least Miro looks cute while doing it, lol.

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