Tiny Kitten Sees Her Mom Warming Her Bottle, Then Runs To Her Crib To Wait For It

It’s safe to say that this kitten LOVES milk. Every time her mom is getting her bottle ready, she knows exactly what to do. She has a mealtime routine that is completely awe-worthy.

As soon as she sees her human warming her bottle of milk, she admires it from afar and then heads on over to her tiny crib. She jumps right in and awaits her milky goodness. When her mom hands her the bottle, she grips it with both of her paws, just like a human would! Then she lies down in her crib and sucks away.

Source: YouTube/eHowPets

Source: YouTube/eHowPets

I have to keep reminding myself while watching this video that this is actually a kitten and not a real human baby. The similarities are crazy! Who knew a kitten could be so smart?!

Watch for yourself in the video below. This is something that will bring a smile to your face and would brighten anyone’s day!

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