A Tiny Kitten Was Trapped In A Car, And The Only Way To Get Him Out Was To Destroy It

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One kitten’s curiosity almost cost him his life after he crawled inside a Florida family’s car. Denise Wilford-Neal had just adopted the little animal. However, when she put it into the car to head home, it immediately scampered off and into the dash console of the car. Denise and her family tried to lure out the kitten with treats, food and water, but the kitten continued to cry and refused to move. After more than 20 hours, the family became worried that the cat would not survive.

Spada's Total Auto Repair

Spada’s Total Auto Repair

“I was worried about the heat of the day,” Denise said, “So, I put a post on Facebook does anyone have suggestions and then it went crazy. People were calling and coming by with tools and mechanics came.”

Despite one mechanic taking apart the car’s dashboard, the kitten was still out of reach. It left Denise with one hard decision.

Spada's Total Auto Repair

Spada’s Total Auto Repair

“They disassembled my dash piece by piece, looking and still looking taking pieces apart,” Wilford-Neal said, “But they said there was one way to get to Monte. They could use a saw to cut out the dash, but it would destroy my Monte Carlo.”

After giving the green light, Denise’s car was destroyed and the kitten was free. Even with a ruined car, the Wilford-Neal family is happy to finally bring their kitten home.

Here is the kitten after he was rescued:

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