This Is A Pair Of Unlikely Friends That You Are Definitely Going To Have To See To Believe!

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Welcome to the Hukulou Coffee Shop in Japan. For the last five years they’ve had a resident owl named Fuku-chan. The owl is tiny (about the size of your phone) and she’s a favorite with the coffee shop’s customers. However, she was lonely and her owners thought she needed some companionship.

Enter, Marimo, a tiny Scottish Fold kitten. The two formed a very unlikely bond and have been fast friends ever since. They play, cuddle and treat each other just like best friends should; with a whole lot of respect and a healthy dose of fun. They’ve become a major attraction and created a big draw for the coffee shop, but they don’t know the difference. As long as they can play together, they are happy and their sweetness is enough to brighten your day for sure!

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