King Of Thailand Adopts 13 Starved Great Danes Found Near Death At Breeding Farm

Thai officials were notified about a dog breeding farm in central Thailand that was abandoned by the owner. When they arrived they found 13 emaciated Great Danes in cages. The dogs were obviously starved and looked like walking skeletons. Sadly, one female and her two puppies died before help arrived.

The neglectful owner left the home and dogs several weeks ago, after she claimed she could no longer afford to feed them. The dogs were bred to sell but when they did not sell the owner abandoned them in cages without food.

All of the dogs were removed from the property by Watchdog Thailand volunteers.

Some of the dogs were so weak from not eating they could not stand. The emaciated dogs were carefully loaded into a vehicle and taken to a nearby vet.


After being examined and treated, they were offered food – for the first time in weeks. Each dog suffered from severe malnutrition, but no expense will be spared thanks to the King of Thailand, Rama X. Once he heard of the incident, he offered to adopt the dogs and cover the costs of their treatment, food and anything else they may need.


“We have received a Royal command from His Majesty The King. His Royal Highness has commanded a delegation to adopt the dogs at the Animal Welfare Division,” said a spokesman.


All 13 dogs – five males and eight females, aged five months to two years – were picked up by Animal husbandry officers from the Bureau of the Royal Household and brought to Kasetsart University’s animal hospital. There they will continue to be treated until they fully recover.


Watchdog Thailand posted, “Long live the king. With all my heart, I wish you to be healthy.”


Police are still investigating, but the owner will face animal cruelty charges.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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