A Third Of Parents Prefer Their Pets Over Their Kids, Survey Says

As parents, we love our children but it seems as if we love our pets just a little bit more.

2000 pet owners were surveyed and according to the results, 34% of the parents said they preferred their pets over their own children.

72% of those surveyed were parents. The survey showed that about 20% of parents purchased a gift for their pet more recently than they purchased one for their own child.

We all know that Americans love their animals, but some people feel that this is taking things too far.

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The study for ‘I and love and you‘ was conducted by OnePoll before National Hug Your Hound Day. They wanted to find out how much people loved their animals and exactly what it meant to be a ‘pet fanatic’.

67% of those who were surveyed said their animal was their best friend. 78% admitted that the pet was part of the family.

54% claimed that the pet was there to give them a pick me up at the end of the day. 68% admitted that they were happier when they were around their pet compared to spending time with family or friends.

It seems as if pets are also there when we are having a difficult time. 40% said that pets help them when they were stressed out over work and 40% said the same about relationship problems. 34% even said that they were there when they dealt with health problems!

“Pets are more than just a companion, they love us unconditionally and make us want to be better people,” said Lindsey Rabaut, Vice President of Marketing for “I and love and you.”

“A pet’s love brings out the best in all of us.”

Photo: Pexels / Pixabay

When they were asked if they would consider themselves to be a pet fanatic, 40% said yes. You might even appreciate knowing that 44% of those ‘pet fanatics’ said they started a social media account for their pet.

Other signs of being a pet fanatic include throwing a birthday party for your pet or buying them clothes/accessories, both of which came in over 40%.

41% admitted to spending more money on a pet’s meal than their own meal. About the same number admitted they would allow their dog to sleep in their bed.

Amazingly, 68% of those surveyed felt that pets are people, too.

Maybe that’s why 72% felt that the food for their pet should be the same quality as they eat and 41% even fixed food from scratch.

“One universal moment that brings the entire family together is mealtime,” said Rabaut.

“The thought we put into our food really expresses the love we share. We believe that pets are people, too and that they should be fed a diet that allows them to be their best selves all day, every day. We exist to help you get the most out of your relationship with your BFF furbaby.”

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