Kerry Blue Terrier

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As a terrier, the Kerry Blue Terrier was once a fine hunter and retriever, but today fulfills so many other purposes, including the most important one of companionship. The Kerry Blue Terrier is often seen in the show ring for agility, obedience and other categories.
This breed can have varying shades of gray-blue tones and the coat usually starts out dark when they are puppies and fades as the years progress. The Kerry Blue Terrier stands 18 to 19 inches high at the shoulder and may weigh between 30 and 40 pounds.
Originally a farm dog as well as a small game hunter and small game retriever, the Kerry Blue Terrier is often seen in the home these days. Although this breed makes an excellent show dog, it makes an even better family companion. The Kerry Blue Terrier is fun and has plenty of energy to go around. This terrier can be trained, but it may take a little more time to do so than with some other dogs. This breed gets along well with family members, but may not be a good match with some other, smaller pets in the home.
The Kerry Blue Terrier is the perfect pet for family members who may have allergies. With his hypoallergenic coat, this dog is ideal when allergies are an issue. As for grooming, the Kerry Blue Terrier needs a good brushing each week to keep his thick fur manageable.
If you are looking for a good show dog or a wonderful family pet, the Kerry Blue Terrier will fit perfectly in either role. Just be sure to exercise your pup and ensure that this dog gets outdoors each day to release energy and be content.

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