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With an intelligent manner and playful side, the Keeshond loves the outdoors. With his full coat of fur and arctic background, the Keeshond is not afraid of a hard day’s work out in the cold. Originally serving as a barge dog, the Keeshond is primarily a companion dog today.
This breed has a coat in dark colors such as gray and black with cream-colored tones mixed in. The Keeshond has dark markings throughout the fur and stands approximately 17 to 18 inches high at the shoulder.
The Keeshond has a wonderful disposition and is affectionate with the entire family. This breed gets tends to along well with other dogs. This pup has plenty of energy and loves being outside whenever possible. Therefore, a fenced-in yard is optimal when you have a Keeshond as it will allow the pup to have free rein of the yard.
Grooming the Keeshond takes a bit more time than with other breeds. The fluffy coat of fur needs to be brushed a couple of times each week to keep it free from tangles. Professional grooming services on occasion are advisable as well. This dog will often sit patiently while being groomed.
If you are thinking of bringing a Keeshond home to the family, you will find that this dog is pleasant, energetic, and fun. Your family will enjoy each day with the Keeshond and his affectionate nature. Just make sure that you can get this dog outside every day for some much needed daily exercise.

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