This Kayaker Lends A Helping Hand To A Squirrel Stranded In A Flood!

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A man was in a kayak, surveying flooding in Fenton, Missouri, where he says the Meramec river was at a historic all-time high crest near 44 feet. As he was kayaking, he saw a squirrel jump and try to swim to a tree for safety; but the current was strong and he was clearly having trouble swimming in the flood, as it was pulling him downstream.

The man rowed his kayak closer to the struggling squirrel and reached out his oar underneath him. The squirrel was able to get on it and jump onto the man’s kayak. As the man rowed closer to the tree, the squirrel jumped off the kayak and was able to finally reach the tree and get to safety. Thankfully this man was able to help him, because it’s unknown if the squirrel would have made it to the tree before drowning!

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