Australian Community Distraught After 20 Kangaroos Killed In Hit-And-Run Rampage

Residents in Tura Beach, on the New South Wales South Coast in Australia woke to a disturbing sight on their front lawns.

Last Saturday night, a monster drove through the area and ran over 20 kangaroos, including baby joeys. Tire marks showed the speeding vehicle riding over the curb to hit kangaroos. The dead kangaroos were found by residents the following morning reported 7 News.

Janine Green

Three orphaned joeys were rescued and taken to WIRES Wildlife Rescue, a non-profit organization providing rescue and rehabilitation for all native Australian fauna. “Barely 6 months old, Nullah had just become an orphan after his mother was one many Kangaroos struck by a vehicle late on Saturday Night in Tura Beach, NSW,” posted WIRES.

A longtime volunteer, Janine Green, is caring for the joeys and said, “Until you see it you can’t grasp the reality of it. People were just horrified, and when we took the bodies away, seeing them on the back of the ute was heartbreaking.”

She has been a volunteer with the non-profit for 20 years and said she has never seen such violence. “I have never seen anything like it … 20 kangaroos is a large amount and to hit that number must have done real damage to the vehicle.”

Photo: Facebook/WIRES

Green told CNN, “The kangaroos are part of their community, they’ve lived there forever. They’re all used to the kangaroos hopping up and down the street, the same people slow down for them. For someone to do a mass slaughter like that is just unbelievable.”


NSW Police arrested a 19-year-old man and charged him with “torture, beating and causing death of animals”.

Inspector Peter Volf told The Sydney Morning Herald, “”We take incidents such as these very seriously and anyone who engages in activities such as these will face the full brunt of the law.”

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