He Was Going To Be Euthanized Because Of The Way He Walks. But Fate Had Other Plans…

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This adorable little dog, named Crest, was scheduled to be euthanized because he can’t use his front legs. But Vet Ranch stepped in to save his life. Although he can’t fully use his front legs, he has still made it work and found a way to get around; He walks upright like a little kangaroo, and has no difficulty getting around.

Vet Ranch examined him and saw that the injury on one of his legs was so old that it “healed” in what is called a non union; it basically made an extra joint in the middle of his humerus. Dr. Matt says the leg is not usable, but it doesn’t bother him so he decided to leave it rather than put him through a major unnecessary surgery. Crest’s lovable, bubbly personality shines through, and in the end, he found a furever home!!

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