Baby Kangaroo Got Kicked Out Of Her Mom’s Pouch, But Found The Kindest Humans To Raise Her

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This adorable five-month old baby kangaroo was five-year-old Jacie’s fifth joey born, but sadly has struggled with forming a bond with her.

The two reside at Brevard Zoo in Florida, where staff believes the baby was pushed out of its pouch due to her mother’s stress during a storm. They tried to reunite the two, but their attempts have unfortunately been unsuccessful. Because of this, an animal care team has stepped up to help hand-raise the little joey.

Red kangaroos don’t start emerging from the pouch until they’re about seven months old. Since this joey was ejected from the pouch early, the situation is still very precarious. They created an artificial pouch for the baby, feed her every four hours, day and night, and weigh her once per day. It’s sad that her mom wouldn’t accept her back, but at least she is getting the right care that she needs. And all the love!

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