After His Mother Died, One Baby Joey’s Life Was Saved Thanks To Clever Zoo Keepers

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The staff at a North Georgia zoo has to make some clever decisions after one of their kangaroos unexpectedly passed away after eating something toxic. The animal had just given birth to a baby joey and without its mother, the animal’s life was at stake.

The tiny three-month-old animal needed more than just food, it also needed a place to keep warm and safe, like its mother’s pouch. The zookeepers came up with an ingenious idea. Using an extra cooler they had on hand, they equipped it with heating pads and turned it into a makeshift pouch.

The baby joey, named Lilypad, loves her new home and is growing right on track. Soon she will leave her pouch behind and be able to join the zoo’s other kangaroos.

For more on Lilypad’s story, check out the video below from LIttle Things.

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