Kaley Cuoco Shares Heartfelt Post After Her Rescue Dwarf Pony, Fiona, Dies

Kaley Cuoco and her husband, Karl Cook, are big animal lovers – especially horses. They met at a horse show and were married at a stable surrounded by their beloved horses.

Cuoco encourages her fans to adopt and she follows her own advice. The couple recently rescued a malnourished dwarf pony and did everything in their power to rehabilitate her. Sadly, the beautiful pony passed away.

Cuoco took to Instagram to share the sad news and discourage people from breeding dwarf ponies. “After a very short time together, our precious dwarf pony rescue Fiona, passed away last night.. she came to us & @pomponioranch @mrtankcook in such terrible shape, we were thrilled we got any time with her at all..”

Photo: Instagram/Kaley Cuoco

She went on to say, “Let me make this very clear.. there is a reason she was a rescue. We take on many of these dwarf ponies and it looks so cute and exciting that everyone wants one. It’s not. They have severe medical issues and most have been completely mistreated and not taken care of.”

Fiona was sadly one of the many neglected ponies. “Fiona was a prime example: she came to us malnourished, horrible feet, rotting teeth , she needed help to stand every morning and that’s just the beginning. These animals should not live this way and should not be bred this way. It’s WRONG. We did all we could but her small body could not survive. She no longer has to live in pain and she passed away covered in blankets surrounded with love.”

Photo: Instagram/Kaley Cuoco

A friend thankfully captured Fiona’s ‘school pictures’, which Cuoco said are taken of all the pets they adopt.

She ended her heartfelt post with, “We will continue to save everything we can but know days like this will happen. ♥️ we love you princess Fiona!!”

Photo: Instagram/Kaley Cuoco

Karl commented along with thousands of other people on the post made by his wife. He wrote, “Sweet sweet lady with the kindest heart, we miss you so much. Rest in the peace humans desire for something small never gave you. You deserve it far more than those people ever will😘”.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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