K-9 Officer Jumps Through Window To Take Down Armed Suspect

A suspect was being pursued after an assault took place. A K-9 officer took the pursuit seriously and ended the chase after lunging through his window.

When the call came in for an assault with a deadly weapon in Fontana, the California highway patrol got involved.

The chase continued until they reached the intersection of the 15 freeway and El Cerrito Road about 12:50 AM. The police had stopped him but the driver would not surrender.

CHP had already called for backup from the local police and Duke, the K-9 officer responded.

“Officer Neff and his partner K9 Duke responded to assist and gave several opportunities for the suspect to give up as well, which he refused,” the department tweeted.

The CHP officer on the scene can be seen in the video breaking the driver’s window. At that point, the five-year-old Belgian Malinois doesn’t hesitate to dive through the shattered glass. The video appears to show him biting the man.

The man struggles in his car as the dog attacks him before the officers opened the door and called the dog off. As he falls to the ground, several officers are on him immediately. He was taken into custody by the Corona police.

The man was taken to a local hospital after suffering minor injuries according to the Corona police. No identity has been given.

No additional details on the alleged assault were provided. There were no other injuries or details reported.

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