Off-Duty Police Dog Enthusiastically Enjoys A Puppuccino At The Starbucks Drive-Through

Yasso, a K-9 of the Twinsburg, Ohio, Police Department got to enjoy a refreshing Starbucks puppuccino while he was off-duty. The video shows Yasso sticking his head out the car window in the drive-through lane, while a Starbucks employee holds out the drink. Yasso doesn’t even hesitate to drink the puppuccino right up.

Yasso was hanging out the car window before the drive-through window even opened. You can tell by his strong anticipation that he has had these puppuccinos before and knew exactly what was coming. The video was posted to the Twinsburg K-9 Unit Facebook page and has gotten over one million views. The post reads: “Life is full of rewards. It’s not always work and training for him. He’s treated as family and he’s a good boy.”

It’s amazing to see such hard-working dogs get a break and know how much they’re cared for and loved. Dogs like Yasso definitely deserve a yummy puppuccino every once in a while! Watch the video for yourself below:

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