Suspect Flees From Cops On Foot, Then Police K9 Comes To The Rescue

Dogs are amazing animals. They are highly intelligent and are also very comforting. Aside from being great pets, dogs are also great workers in many different fields. There are several different kinds of service dogs, including guide dogs, hearing dogs, mobility dogs, seizure alert/response dogs, psychiatric service dogs, and autism dogs. There are also other types of dogs with jobs that help people, including therapy dogs and emotional support animals. Aside from service dogs, there are also dogs who work alongside their handlers in law enforcement and in the military. One police dog in the canine unit did amazing work to catch a suspect.

A news helicopter captured the finale of a dramatic Houston police chase. The chase began after a car refused to stop at a red light. The police unit chased the suspect off the road and into a field, where the suspect then jumped out of the car and ran away on foot.

That’s when the police dog came running after him, pulling him down to the ground. Then an officer arrived and took the suspect into custody. No other details have been released at this time.

If it weren’t for this police dog, the suspect may have never been caught! Watch the dramatic footage in the video below:

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