Meet Juniper, The Happy Little Fox Who’s Stealing Hearts All Over The World!

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Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, hamsters…these are your typical pets; but it’s not every day that we see an adorable fox as a pet. Juniper, a medium-size red fox, was brought home by her human mom when she was just a little baby. She’s a very happy fox and since she is domesticated, she acts more like a dog. Raising her took a lot of work and devotion. When she was growing up, her human took her everywhere with her. She loves people and even has a doggy sibling who she likes playing with.

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Although she is beyond adorable, it’s important to note that having a fox as a pet is not as easy as it seems. Juniper’s human said that she looks calm and easy to handle, but this misinformation will inevitably lead to people taking on an animal they do not understand, expecting it to act one way and the animal being destroyed when it acts how it should. “Foxes are not like dogs,” she said. “While they may display some characteristics similar to dogs, these animals have not been bred to want to please people. These animals are prone to biting and destructive behavior. They require an extensive amount of time and care to get them to the point where they are even sociable. Juniper takes up 90% of my day.”

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So instead of getting a pet fox for yourself, just follow Juniper on Instagram and indulge in her cuteness!

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