Dying Puppy Was Left Alone Outside To Fend For Herself. When They Found Her, She Could Barely Stand

A little Pit bull was abandoned alone in the wilderness to die. Her skin was ravaged by horrible mange, and her blood was poisoned by the infected bites of a thousand flies and ticks. She was dehydrated, and unable to take more than a few steps on her own without collapsing.

When rescuers got to her, she was in total shock. She was in horrible shape, and they weren’t even fully confident that she’d pull through. They immediately rushed her to the clinic, where she was treated for her problems. Her body shook as she tried to stand up on the exam table, but then she collapsed. Lying there was the only thing she could do. She looked helpless.

They gave her food, which she ate while lying down with all four of her arms and legs sprawled out. They knew she’d have a long road to recovery, but they weren’t willing to give up, and neither was she!

Six weeks later, not only was she standing and walking on her own, she was running! And she made many new doggy friends along the way who she loved to play with. The puppy who was once on the brink of death, now looks like the happiest dog ever! She still has a long way to go, but a lot of her fur has already begun to grow back.

Watch her transformation in the video below:

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