This Dog’s Legs Were Crushed By A Car, So Her Foster Mom Takes Her Swimming To Help Her Walk Again

Last month in Athens, Greece, a dog named Joy was hit by a car and left there on the side of the road to die. She was lying there in agony and pain when rescuers finally got to her. It’s unknown if she was abandoned or just lost, but so far, no one has come forward to claim her.

The injured dog was rushed to the vet. Two of her legs were smashed, and she had a collapsed lung, due to the force of the impact. Despite her unbearable pain, she still managed to wag her tail.

They put a sign on the outside of her cage which read: “Caution, in severe pain.” They performed surgery on her a few days later, where she got pins, plates and a bone graft to put her legs back together. She then remained confined to a small space for a few weeks while she healed.

Her bones are healing, but her road to recovery is still a long one. Since she is still not fully using her front legs, the vet recommended that she swims as a way of therapy. Her foster mom, Elizabeth, started taking her to the beach every day so she can swim in the ocean with her. Watch them together in the video below:

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