Considered To Be Nonverbal, This Young Woman Found Her Voice Thanks To Some Cute Kittens!

Mychal’s Learning Place is an organization located in California and deals with helping children and adults with developmental disabilities such as autism. Mychal’s Learning Place mostly deals with teaching their students the skills they need to live an independent life. They teach their students how to, independently, do everyday chores such as grocery shopping, cook for themselves, do laundry, clean, and many more tasks that can prove to be difficult. One of their students, Jordan has autism and has been with the organization for roughly ten years. She rarely speaks and because of that she is considered to be nonverbal. But in a shocking turn of events, Jordan found her voice when Mychal’s Learning Place decided to partner with a local pet shop by the name of Adopt & Shop.

One of the things that Mychal’s Learning Place tries to provide their students with is a chance at job experience. When Mychal’s Learning Place partnered with the pet shop/animal rescue Adopt & Shop, they were able to provide their students with the chance to volunteer and work there. Jordon became a volunteer at the store and found her voice through her friendship with the kittens at the shop/shelter. She bonded with the kittens and loved to play with them. She especially likes black cats. When she sees a black kitten, she immediately begins speaking to it in an excited yet affectionate tone. It’s amazing that the furry little creatures at Adopt & Shop reached Jordan in a way that no one else could. They were able to give Jordan the confidence to use her voice. And while Jordan prefers the company of her furry black kittens, she is able to speak and socialize with others all on her own.

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