Actor Jonah Hill Adopts A 3-Year-Old Pitbull

Anybody who has ever rescued a dog realizes just how important that moment is in their life. It seems as if Jonah Hill is also experiencing it for himself, now that the 37-year-old actor has added a new addition to his family.

Jonah Hill went on Instagram to post a picture as he posed with his three-year-old pitbull, named Fig. The dog was recently adopted from the Love Leo Rescue in Los Angeles.

He posted a thank you to @loveleorescue on Instagram, speaking about his new dog as being a “massive gift.”

After making the post on Instagram, a picture of Hill giving a hug to his new furry friend was posted by Love Leo Rescue on their Instagram account. They also talked more about the story behind the picture.

It seems as if Fig was pulled out of a California shelter after being discovered in December. Since that time, Fig had been with a foster family while looking for his forever family.

That nonprofit organization posted the caption: “Fig is home! Thank you @jonahhill for choosing to #adoptnotshop.”

It looks like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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