Therapy Dog Hops On A Sick Boy’s Bed. But When His Mom Sees His Reaction, She Breaks Down In Tears

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Parents with sick children experience a struggle and pain every day that no one should ever have to go through or feel. Watching people suffer in any way is heartbreaking, especially when it’s your own family member. Oftentimes, we feel helpless, like there’s nothing we can do to deter their pain.

One thing that’s well-known to help people in these situations are therapy dogs! Therapy dogs are specially trained to help comfort people during stressful times, and bring them hope, courage and solace.

April Rock’s seven-year-old son, Jonah, is sick in a pediatric intensive care unit, and rarely ever communicates. But when six-year-old therapy dog named Fin jumped onto his hospital bed, he signed the word “dog” into his mother’s hand. It brought her to tears as it was only the third time that Rock has seen her son sign something.

There are therapy dogs like Fin who visit hospitals, amongst many other places, all over the world. It’s truly an amazing experience, and it’s great that dogs are able to provide people with such happiness and comfort.

Watch the emotional moment between Jonah and Fin in the video below:

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