He Was Tied Up To A Pole With A Note Asking For A Home. Now Meet His Unlikely Savior!

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This story really does prove that karma does exist! Joey, a lovable pup, was left alone, tied to a pole with a note around his neck asking for someone to find him a home. Scared and confused, Joey wouldn’t let anyone approach him. Well, that is until our hero of the story entered. Lisa had no idea who Joey was, or who he originally belonged to, but she knew that he, like herself, was alone and homeless. After a bit of caution, Lisa was able to untie Joey and the pair set off. Upon realizing that the only place to take him was a local shelter, the generous woman walked 3 miles to ensure that Joey had a safe place to sleep for the night.  She didn’t worry about herself or her needs, she only worried about Joey.

Her act of selflessness and kindness definitely paid off. Joey found a forever home where he is given the love he deserves and has tons of room to run and play. And in an incredible twist of fate, you won’t believe what Lisa’s community ended up doing for her! It’s absolutely inspiring!

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