Best. Dog. Costume. Ever.

It doesn’t take much to make me laugh when it comes to animals. I’m a big softie. However, this video is funny no matter who you are. Not funny… nope that doesn’t do it justice. It’s HILARIOUS!

This adorable dog and his human picked out the perfect costume to share with us. It’s not restricting, as you can see. The dog is totally comfortable. I mean, he’s running! Fast! Nothing is covering his face. He’s totally fine. I’m a big supporter of clothes and costumes, if they are like this one. They do not hinder movement and the animal is not visibly bothered by it.

If you love this costume as much as I do, you can buy a similar version here. And the best part of it is, your purchase will provide food for shelter animals in need!

Clothes and fun collars are all the rage but they should never be worn by your pet, if you suspect, for even a moment, that they don’t like them. Sweaters and coats during cold weather months is a separate issue. Our pups aren’t used to them and are often scared or annoyed. To address this, it is best to be patient. Shorthaired dogs do need the extra layer, while many other dogs do not. If your dog goes outside and visibly shakes, that’s a good indication that he or she needs a coat. Try reading your pet as best as you can and you will both be happier for it!

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