Jennifer Aniston’s Dogs Had A ‘Big Day’ As They Lounge On The Couch During Quarantine

Jennifer Aniston is known for being rather private when it comes to her personal life. However, she did give fans a look into her current self-isolation life when she shared a couple of pictures of her dogs to her Instagram story.

Aniston shared the back-to-back pictures, alongside some funny captions. Both pictures were of her dogs asleep. The first one she captioned, “Big day…” and the second simply said, “Exhausted.”

In addition to the pictures, she also shared a couple of posts that poked fun at the lockdown orders.

The first one read, “You can’t sleep? Have you tried meditating, then reading for an hour, then going to the couch, then back to bed, then counting backward from ten million, then taking a sleeping pill?”

Her second post read, “Go to sleep. Everything will be worse in the morning.” She captioned this second post, “Well, see you here again tomorrow.”

Aniston also shared that when the lockdown first began in March, the first thing she did to keep busy was to clear out her closet. She has even admitted that lockdown isn’t much of a challenge for her since she’s an “agoraphobe.” Lucky for Aniston, she’s got some pretty adorable company.

Additionally, the movie star has been doing a lot of charity work. She gave a Utah nurse $10,000 as a thank you for all her hard work. Besides that, she and her fellow Friends cast members worked together for the “All-In Challenge.” The cast gave fans a chance to bid money to charity, with a random winner then getting selected to go to a taping of the upcoming Friends reunion, which will air on HBO Max.

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