A Truly Special Reunion Story That Will Warm Your Heart!

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Reunion stories always find a way to warm the heart. Especially if they have to do with a pet reuniting with their human. Well, while this reunion story will warm your heart, it is a bit different from the norm.

A marine, Jacob fisher was stationed in Afghanistan when his team reported that something was caught in the wild animal trap that they had set up just outside of the base. Jacob went to investigate and what he found was a scared puppy in need of some love. Jacob freed the pup, brought him into the base, and named him Jax. The two became instant best friends. Jax was able to give Jacob a sense of home and family, something he had been craving since being stationed overseas.

When Jacob returned home, he was unable to immediately bring Jax to the states. But with the help of Operation Baghdad Pups by SPCA International, Jacob was able to bring Jax to his rightful home. After two months, Jacob and Jax were able to be reunited. And their reunion… was beautiful.

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