Japanese Chin

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If you are searching for a playful, intelligent, and obedient breed, the Japanese Chin is the perfect choice. As a companion dog, the Japanese Chin is the ideal family pet.
Most Japanese Chin dogs are white and have black markings throughout their fur. One may also see red/white colors of fur on the Japanese Chin. This dog breed is small in stature and stands approximately 8 to 11 inches high at the shoulder.
This small dog has a huge personality. He loves to appease his owner and playtime is always a fun event. Although quite affectionate with family members, he may not be as social with those he does not know. Due to his small size, apartment living is a fine option and this breed acclimates well in many different living situations.
The grooming duties for the Japanese Chin may take a little more time due to his longer, silky coat of fur. Brushing this pup a few times a week will keep the fur looking neat and well groomed. A professional grooming trip once or twice a year would be beneficial as well.
As for exercise, the Japanese Chin loves to play outdoors and will benefit from daily walks. The walks do not have to be too arduous but this breed still likes outdoor time whenever possible.
If you are searching for a friendly and smart dog breed, the Japanese Chin is a great option to consider when you are searching for a companion dog to add to your home.

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