Auburn Community Rallies to Find Missing Mascot Jake the Tiger Dog

In the close-knit community of Auburn fans, a heartwarming yet mysterious story unfolds with the disappearance of Jake, affectionately known as the Tiger Dog. Jake, a 12-year-old Maltese, is not just a pet but a cherished mascot for Auburn football enthusiasts. His sudden vanishing has left many concerned and his owner, Ronnie Sanford, determined to find him.

Jake’s Last Known Location

Jake’s story took a worrying turn on a seemingly normal Friday night. According to WVTM, the beloved Maltese was last seen on his screened porch in Pelham, from where he mysteriously escaped. Despite being known for staying close to home, this time, Jake has not returned, causing great distress to his owner and the Auburn community.

More Than a Mascot

Renowned for his dyed orange ears and tail, which his owner insists is done humanely at a professional groomer’s, Jake is a staple at SEC Media Days and Auburn home games. He’s a dog that captures the hearts of fans with his friendly demeanor and unique appearance.

Known for his gentle nature, Jake is not just a fan favorite but a symbol of Auburn spirit, reports. This affectionate dog interacts closely with fans, whom he enjoys meeting.

Community Efforts in Searching

Since his disappearance, Sanford and volunteers have extensively searched the surrounding areas. Their efforts have been fueled by hope and determination to reunite with Jake. Sanford has vowed to never give up on finding his furry family member, and had equipped Jake with a microchip, collar, and tags, including contact information for immediate assistance, in case he is found.

Concerns Over Jake’s Whereabouts

The proximity of Jake’s home to Oak Mountain State Park raises concerns that someone from outside the state might have unknowingly picked up Jake, WVTM reports. Sanford’s worry is that without widespread awareness, Jake’s chances of being recognized and returned diminish.

Understanding the value of community support, Sanford has offered a $1,000 “no questions asked” reward for Jake’s safe return.

Learn more in the video below.

Call to Action

The Auburn community and beyond are urged to keep an eye out for Jake. Anyone who spots him or has information about his whereabouts is encouraged to contact Sanford directly. The shared hope is that with collective vigilance, Jake will be safely returned to his loving home.

Whether a beloved mascot Maltese or homebound hound, pets can become more than just animals; they are family, symbols of our passions, and embodiments of communal spirit. Jake’s story is a testament to the power of community and the unbreakable bonds we share with our beloved pets.

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