This Dog Has Watched The Same Movie Every Day For The Last 11 Years And Still Can’t Get Enough Of It!

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I’ve seen plenty of dogs who love to watch television. In fact, my own Boxer loves to watch it every now and then, especially when there are dogs on the screen of course. But I’ve never seen a dog be so infatuated with the television quite like this one! Jake the Border Collie LOVES the movie “Babe,” and has watched it every day for the past eleven years!

His owner said they’ve gone through 7 TV sets, 10 VCRs, and 26 Babe VHS tapes, and Jake STILL never gets tired of watching it. It all started when his human put the movie on and Jake was in his glory, sitting in front of the TV, paying close attention to it. When the movie ends, Jake hits the TV and barks until his human puts it back on. During one scene, Jake goes crazy barking at the screen; it’s an emotional part of the movie for him. Lol! This dog is so silly.

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